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Choosing the Right Local Web Designer for Your Business

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It is no secret that if you own a business you need a website. Potential customers will research a product or service over the internet before deciding to buy. If your business isn’t in the search results you will miss out on revenue.

If the task of building a site feels overwhelming or you don’t know where to start, it may be time to hire a web design firm. Doing a quick internet search is easy, but choosing the right designer for your business from the sea of choices can be tricky. Read on to learn some key criteria to consider.

Court of Public Opinion

Leverage the power of the internet to begin the process of finding a great local designer. Through the magic of social media and the power of Google you can find out what kind of experience current and former customers had by doing some or all of the following:

  • Find the company’s Facebook page. Look at the customer review section to see what others are saying and make note of the designer’s typical response times.
  • Use Google search to locate the designer’s website. Look for video or written testimonials from clients and case studies showcasing evidence that they did what they said they would and produced results.
  • Look for reviews on Yelp. Customers tend to be brutally honest on this platform and will openly reveal the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Check to see if the designer has an online portfolio with examples of their work.

What is Their Process?

Learn about the company’s process and determine if their work style matches yours. Do they meet with you in person? Is it email or online only support? Are you okay with the type of support they offer? Do their reviews or details on their site make mention of and satisfaction guarantees? If so, are you comfortable with their terms?

Find out how easy it is to talk with the designer. Play detective and start emailing local companies to see for yourself if they do respond and if so, how quickly and efficiently. Is the exchange personal? Or more of an automated feel?  

Do They Understand your Brand and Industry?

When choosing a web designer, you will want to be certain they understand your brand as well as your competitors. Not only should the designer capture the essence of your business (tone of voice, consistent branding, page organization that makes sense for your product or service) they should also know who your competitors are and offer a solution to help your site stand out.

Are They in the Know?

The world wide web is ever changing. As technology advances and new software becomes available, design trends shift rapidly. Find out what they do proactively to stay relevant. Do they attend trade shows? Or frequent industry webinars and classes?  Hiring a designer who is not on top of the latest digital fads could cost your business revenue.

Before You Sign on the Dotted Line

Once you’ve chosen a local designer to move forward with, you will likely have a few exchanges to determine the scope of work and cost. Beyond making sure you are within your budget, there are a few questions about the fine print to consider before agreeing to sign the contract.

  • Are they trying to own any property that’s yours?
  • Do they include revisions and corrections? If so, how many and for how long?
  • Do they provide maintenance and security after they complete your site or are you on your own?
  • If they offer maintenance, is the cost included in the original contract? Or will you need to hire them on a monthly, yearly or quarterly basis?
  • What are the payment terms? Can you break down payments or only pay in full once you’re satisfied?

Finding a great local designer will take some leg work and patience, but knowing the criteria to look for will help eliminate the ones that are not a good fit for your business. Knowing the right questions to ask will empower you to spend your budget wisely and recognize a return on investment. Especially if you’re looking for a great Doylestown website designer.

Good luck with your search. See you on the internet!

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