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Pamela’s Picks: Healthy Truth

At Pamela’s Health & Harmony, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive range of organic products, including the occasional locally sourced gem. Our shelves are adorned with organic dairy and non-dairy alternatives, gluten-free breads, pasta, cookies, and so much more. Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the finest organic food, supplements, and body care items. It’s with this ethos that we’re thrilled to carry products from Healthy Truth.

Why Healthy Truth?
Healthy Truth, much like us, is deeply rooted in the belief of providing only the best. Their commitment to certified sprouted organic superfoods aligns seamlessly with our stance against GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and our dedication to the well-being of our customers and the planet. Their diverse product range, from seasoned nuts to high protein-bars, is a testament to their dedication to health and taste.

A Shared Journey
The story of Healthy Truth resonates with us. Starting from a humble home kitchen, they’ve grown, much like how we’ve grown as a small, family-owned business dedicated to providing healthy & delicious food selections. A number of their products are available at our store, offering our customers a broad spectrum of healthful choices.

Join Us in Celebrating Health
We view our customers as family, and your health is paramount to us. By offering Healthy Truth’s products, we hope to further our commitment to helping you nourish yourself with wholesome food and thrive in a balanced lifestyle. We invite you to discover the Healthy Truth range at our store and look forward to serving you soon!