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Pamela’s Health & Harmony offers a wide selection of organic and natural foods and supplements for people and their pets. We search for products from brands who demonstrate sustainable business practices, respect our environment, and value the well-being of their customers.


Fresh Produce, Organic Snacks, Canned Goods

Spices & Sauces, Healthy Beverages, & More!

Home Cleaning

Eco-Friendly Cleaners, Laundry Supplies

Natural Scents, & More!

Pet Supplies

Healthy Pet Food, CBD Products


Natural Remedies, & More!

Health & Beauty

Skincare, Aromatherapy

Essential Oils, & More!


Vitamins, Probiotics, Elderberry

Collagen & More!

Local Products

Local Honey, Eggs & Produce

Coffee, Soaps & More!

Our selection is always evolving! Stop by to find your favorite healthy products or discover something new.