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Pamela’s Picks: The Coconut Cult

At Pamela’s Health & Harmony, we’re always excited to introduce products that not only taste great, but also offer significant health benefits. That’s why we’re proud to feature The Coconut Cult, a brand that has revolutionized the world of yogurt with its unique approach and healthful ingredients.

The Story Behind The Coconut Cult

The Coconut Cult was founded by Noah Simon-Waddell, a creative genius who turned to homemade yogurt to heal his chronic, inflammatory gut issues. His journey led to the creation of The Coconut Cult, a brand that has since gained immense popularity in health and wellness circles. The Coconut Cult stands out for its commitment to organic, whole-food ingredients like coconut meat, coconut cream, coconut water, and a custom blend of probiotic strains, ensuring that each jar is free from refined sugars, fillers, binders, or preservatives.

What Makes The Coconut Cult Special?

  1. High-Quality Probiotics: The Coconut Cult uses active live cultures and bacteria to ferment the yogurt, with each serving containing up to 50 billion CFUs. This creates a more harmonious microbiome than regular yogurt, which often undergoes pasteurization that kills probiotics.
  2. Gut Health Improvement: Yogurt from The Coconut Cult can be very effective! We recommend starting with as little as a teaspoon, and working your way up as your gut responds to the truly medicinal and powerful living prebiotics & probiotics in each spoonful!
  3. Limited Edition Flavors: The brand is known for its exciting limited edition flavors and collaborations, offering a healthier take on nostalgic yogurt flavors.
  4. Small Business Ethos: Despite its growing popularity, The Coconut Cult maintains the integrity and quality of a local, small business, even as it expands.

The Coconut Cult: Proudly Sold at Pamela’s Health & Harmony

The Coconut Cult’s unique approach to yogurt, focusing on gut health and natural ingredients, is exactly what we look for in a vendor. We invite you to explore the delightful and healthful world of The Coconut Cult at our store and experience the difference it can make to your wellness journey.